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How to choose industrial chillers? How to match their own industrial chiller? Provide 5 points

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Today, a person related to the energy storage system asked me if I had ever worked as a chiller of the liquid cooling energy storage system. After a brief understanding, I found that he didn't understand the chiller. Because the water cooling unit is a water cooling unit that provides cooling capacity.


Its demand is indeed constant temperature, not just cooling. Of course, in this energy storage system, the mold temperature machine is usually used for PID control of temperature, while the chiller can cooperate with cooling the equipment to jointly complete the temperature control of the liquid cooling energy storage system.

How to select the type of industrial chiller? For technology, basic chiller demand parameters can be determined through simple calculation, while for laymen, type selection is a complex thing.

So today, kaideli chiller editor will introduce the basic type selection knowledge of industrial chillers to friends in the industry. I hope it will be helpful to your work.

First, look at your location.

Generally speaking, the air-cooled type is selected in places prone to freezing in the north, and the fan is used to cool the water body, so as to reduce the risk of freezing of external water body and reduce the impact of extremely cold environment.

Friends in the South can choose water-cooled chillers, which mainly use water towers to cool water bodies, effectively improve cooling efficiency and reduce the impact of hot weather in the south.

Second, what type of cooling equipment.


It mainly depends on what type of water you need to cool. Water tank and water tower are the corresponding open water space, and shell pipe can be selected. Such as granulator, extruder, fish pond, reactor and other equipment.

If your water is in a closed space, you need an open chiller. Such as injection molding machine, high-frequency machine, electric welding machine, tape casting machine, mixer, etc.

The selection here follows the principle of closed and open, closed and open. Please leave a message for me.

Third, how to select the number of chillers.

If you are an injection molding machine, it will be much easier. First, determine the tonnage of the injection molding machine. The 1000 ton injection molding machine is equipped with 10 chillers. If it is a 1000 ton high-speed machine, it is equipped with 5 chillers.

In addition, temperature difference and water ton can also be used to calculate. The formula is (4.2 * water ton * temperature difference) divided by 3 and then divided by 3.6 to obtain the number of pieces.

C = 4.2, M = water ton, △ t = temperature difference.

For example, you need to reduce the temperature of 1 ton of water from 40 degrees to 25 degrees. The corresponding application formula is 4.2 * 1 * (40-25) = 63,63 divided by 3,3.6, and finally equal to 5.8.

Then, we suggest you use 10 horses.

Fourth, prevention in advance.

Considering that there will be corresponding losses after the machine is used for a period of time, the efficiency will be reduced.

Therefore, when purchasing machines, it is recommended to select machines with a large number of matches on the original basis.

Fifth, plan ahead.

Should the equipment be added within half a year or reserved in advance?

These are simple options. If you need more detailed parameters, please contact cadley.

I hope the above contents will be helpful for friends in the industry to select chillers. In addition, the selection of chillers should not only find the chillers matching their own equipment from the demand, but also pay attention to the later service, because one equipment can be used for a long time. If there are later quality problems, it will be very troublesome.


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