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Exchange learning! Cadley chiller was invited to participate in 2022 thermal conductive powder forum

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As for the powder industry, before, kaideli water chiller Xiaobian introduced many excellent enterprises and groups to industry friends, and had in-depth cooperation with kaideli.

For example, Hunan Zhongke Xingcheng graphite, Shaanxi Meibang pesticide and Fujian Juli new energy are sand mill cooling projects applied in different industries.


▲ Li Hongchao, general manager of cadley

Li Hongchao, general manager of kaideli enterprise, was invited to participate in the high-level forum of powder platform. The purpose is to learn the popular technology application in powder industry, exchange manufacturing experience with people in powder industry, maintain the technical advantages of kaideli refrigerator equipment in powder industry, and lay a market foundation for the R & D and design of professional powder equipment chiller in the later stage.

Next, let's give a brief introduction to the topics of the 2022 national thermal conductive powder material innovation and Development Forum.

With the development of new technologies such as Internet of things, artificial intelligence and power battery, the contradiction between power consumption and heating density of electronic components is becoming more and more prominent, and new heat conduction and heat dissipation materials have become the focus of industrial development, among which the application technology of heat conduction powder filler is the top priority.

Starting from the discussion forum on the application of new thermal conductive materials and the production of powder, we will discuss the application of thermal conductive materials and provide solutions for the downstream thermal conductive industry.

This forum is conducive to our better understanding of advanced thermal conductive materials and an in-depth understanding of the industrialized preparation, processing, production and manufacturing of thermal conductive materials. At the same time, it also further expanded the popularity of cadley, the brand of industrial chiller equipment in the powder industry.

Cadley refrigerator equipment can be widely used in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of powder industry, involving food, medicine, chemical industry, new energy batteries, 3D printing powder, inorganic materials, thermal conductive powder and other industrial fields.

Cadley refrigerator is responsible for cooling the reactor, sand mill and high-end equipment for environmental test, adjusting the process temperature in industrial production, making the equipment operate more stably and improving the product quality and quality.

▲ installation site of cadley chiller

Over the years, cadley has established connections with more than 30 enterprises in the powder industry, and has been favored by customers in terms of refrigerator equipment function, durability and refrigeration stability. In the future, cadley will join hands with more experts and technicians in the powder industry to jointly promote the high intelligence and innovative development of the powder industry.


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