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Kaydeli Chiller Equipment

For safety, quality, security, use Kaydeli!

Product Center

Focus on industrial chiller for more than 21 years More than 2000 well-know entrepreneurs choose us


1.ExdIIbt4 Explosion-proof water chiller(KWB-010, for cooling Methane, Pressure vessel implements ASME standard, electrical appliance implements IEC60079, shipped to Southern Africa)

2.-25℃ ExdIIbt4 Explosion-proof water chiller(KDSL-260DLA, low temperature control of aluminum plate production equipment, to ensure the quality of aluminum plate and the normal operation of the production equipments, shipped to Saudi Arabia)

3.VFD water screw chiller( KDS-150SLB, with variable-frequency drive, could apply in all power condition, for food industry cooling, shipped to the United States)

4.16sets KC-003SB&KC-002SB titanium heat exchanger chiller( the water tank and pump install outside of the chiller, applied in plant's base nutrient liquid for cooling, for the United States)


Strong R&D strength

20 senior engineers in cooling industry more than 21 years, has many patents. could help design ultra low temperature chiller, explosion-proof chiller(ExDIIBT4), high precision chiller

Excellent product quality

chiller has 10-20years life span, factory auditted by ISO9001, SGS, Kaydeli is China quality brand, product tested by CE, GTS, ilac-MRA, CNAS, CMA

Diverse cases

we help do cooling solution in plastic , chemical, new energy, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food&beverage, aquacultural&agricultural, environmental protection industry etc

Timely after-sales service

responce within 24 hours, solve problem within 2 dyas(simple), 5days(complex)


About kaydeli

Shenzhen Kaydeli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. (Kaydeli) produce, design, research and develop, operate of "Kaydeli" brand chiller, micro-arc oxidation special chiller, heat recovery...

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