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Low Temperature Chiller

 Low temperature chiller is a water cooling equipment, it can provide constant temperature, constant flow, constant pressure of a kind of industrial cooling equipment. The chiller injects a certain amount of water into the internal tank of the machine, cools the water through the refrigeration system, and then has a circulating pump inside the machine to inject the low-temperature frozen water into the equipment that needs to be cooled. The frozen water takes away the heat inside the equipment, and then the high-temperature hot water flows into the tank again for cooling.

Low temperature recirculating chillers are designed to maintain process fluid temperature stability over a wide range of target coolant temperatures from -80°C to 90°C or 4°C to 200°C. 

Features of industrial low temperature chillers

◆Using the original French "Maneurop" or the American "Copeland" (option); 

◆Equipped with the application of new air heat exchanger and shell-and-tube heat exchanger, the heat exchange efficiency of the unit is greatly improved;

◆It can realize double working condition and is suitable for ice storage air conditioning system; 

◆The minimum outlet temperature of the unit's frozen liquid can reach -10 °C or (-25 °C) (optional); 

◆ Wide range of applications, can be used in other special industries such as industrial refrigeration, medicine, chemical, refrigeration;


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