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Kaydeli will meet with you on March 19, China International Battery Fair (CIBF)

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Shenzhen in March is the most beautiful season of the year. Coming from March 19th to 21st, at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition event in the battery industry in China and even Asia-China International Battery Technology Forum/Exhibition (CIBF) will be held.


We, Kaydeli, will be at Booth 4B010, Hall 4, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, to show you our application of refrigeration equipment in the battery field, and bring you high-performance and high-quality industrial refrigeration solutions.

 Kaydeli will meet with you on March 19, China International Battery Fair (CIBF)

At the time of the rapid development of global new energy vehicles, batteries, power and energy storage systems, materials and other technologies, Kaydeli adheres to customer-centricity, invests huge scientific research funds, upgrades and improves domestic and global after-sales service systems, and is committed to being an industry partner And customers provide high-safety, high-quality, high-security industrial air cooled chiller.


Among them, the special water chiller equipment for battery material production can provide precise temperature control for battery material processing equipment, coating equipment and testing equipment. So as to meet the temperature and environmental requirements, improve the performance of battery materials and battery equipment, extend the service life, and ensure the safe production of battery material manufacturers.


In addition, Kaydeli can select the most suitable type of cooler for customers according to the industrial production process and environmental one-to-one cooling scheme, including non-standard customized air cooled/water cooled/screw chiller, freezer, water cooled box chiller, industrial skid mounted Refrigeration supporting equipment such as chiller and low temperature glycol chiller unit.

 industrial air cooled chiller

Welcome to our booth

We are a famous manufacturer of high quality industrial refrigeration. Please stop in front of our booth and we will be happy to work with you to provide you with the best products to meet all your chiller needs. 


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