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Laser chiller

What is a laser chiller?

A laser chiller is the main component and the most important device used in managing laser temperature to insure high-quality performance and the long life of industrial lasers, medical lasers, military lasers, and other laser systems.

Application Range

Suitable for laser making, laser engraving, laser cutting, small injection molding machines and coating machines, food, and pharmaceutical production equipment cooling. 

Performance characteristics

1. The structure is rigorous and easy to install and operate.

2. The key components of the refrigeration system and electrical system are all made by international famous brand products to ensure the excellent quality and good reliability of the equipment. 

3. It adopts imported brand solenoid valve control and the temperature control accuracy is within 1'' C. 

4. The design of the stainless steel water tank effectively prevents the water tank from corroding and rusting, thus affecting the water quality. 


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