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Important Facts About Industrial Air Cooled Chillers

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Do you know that with an air-cooled chiller you can make a certain space achieve a particular temperature? Well, with refrigeration technology, you can lower and maintain the temperature of any confined space within a certain period.


Industrial air cooled chillers are well-designed refrigeration systems that regulate the temperature of a confined space by ejecting the heat in the space. The problem of regulating the temperature of products is over as a result of the effectiveness of this machine.


Investing in a machine of this nature is very necessary for your company. However, it is important to source a reliable and experienced manufacturer of quality this machine. This is the first step to enjoy your investment.

 Industrial air cooled chillers

Read on as we take you through important things you should know about this machine before you purchase it for your business.

The Working Principles

The working principle is through the active absorption of heat from processed water. The heat is then transferred into the air around the chiller of the machine. To make it very effective, the chiller is used in areas that do not have issues with the discharge of extra heat.


The evaporator has a liquid refrigerant. This is where the process begins. It flows through the tube bundle and evaporates. Heat is absorbed from the chilled water that is flowing through the bundle.


The Compressor then pumps the refrigerant air to the condenser. This increases the pressure and temperature. Internal heat is released when the condenser tubes cause refrigerant to condense.


The liquids with high pressure move through the expansion parts as well as the evaporator. When this happens, the refrigerant pressure is reduced with the temperature. To finish the process, the refrigerant flows back over the cool water coils for the absorption of more heat.

Industrial air cooled chillers

Application of Industrial Air Cooled Chillers

There are different applications of this powerful and easy to use. This is why it is used in different sectors such as:

v Industrial plants

v Manufacturing plants

v Hotels

v Corporate events

v Sporting events

v Large-scale manufacturing

Benefits of Industrial Air Cooled Chiller

The following are major benefits of using this machine in your company.

1. It has better environmental permanency.

2. There is no wastage of water

3. It has very minimal maintenance costs

4. The operation of the chiller is very easy to operate due to the absence of tower bypass and tower freezing

5. It does not require the use of chemicals, which adds to the operating costs of other chillers.

6. It does not require water. This cut the costs of supplying to it in the city

7. It does not require a cooling tower

8. In the case of disaster, there is no challenge to deal with.

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