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Teach you how to solve the problems of industrial water chillers

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Many enterprises will have various faults when using industrial chillers. Even after maintenance, there will still be faults and damages. Let's tell you the solutions. Please keep them in mind.


1. Sudden shutdown of the unit during use

If you shut down suddenly during normal operation, you need to check whether the wires and circuits are burnt out or loose. Power failure will also occur if the fuse wire is blown.

2. Environmental requirements

The water chiller still has certain requirements for the environment. It should be placed in a place with good ventilation effect and a place with clean and pollution-free environment.

3. Power check

When in use, the chiller is not powered on, the line voltage connection may be incorrect, and the power switch may be turned off. If none of the above is true, please contact the purchasing manufacturer for after-sales consultation details.

4. High noise

The high noise of the chiller affects the use of customers. Nowadays, many chillers are equipped with sound insulation effect. When purchasing, you can ask the manufacturer for sound insulation effect.

5. How to buy chillers

Give your requirements to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will choose the industrial chiller suitable for you according to your requirements. Don't worry that you won't buy it.

Industrial chiller is suitable for printing cold roller, UV / LED light source, plastic mold, electronic equipment, chemical equipment, welding equipment, surface treatment, ultrasonic, petroleum, oil refining, metallurgy, vacuum coating and other industries.


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