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Important Facts About Industrial Water Cooled Chillers

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Do you know that an industrial water-cooled chiller can allow you to achieve a particular temperature of choice for your industrial space? Oh Yes! This is due to the refrigeration technology of the industrial water-cooled chiller.

Industrial water-cooled chillers are complex refrigeration systems that help manage the temperature of a confined space by ejecting the heat absorbed from process water.

Investing in the purchase of this machine is very necessary if you are into high-volume industrial applications like plastics and machining. However, it is important to source a reliable and experienced manufacturer for your industrial water-cooled chiller for guaranteed quality.

Stay put to this post while I take you through some important facts about an industrial water-cooled chiller that will encourage you to consider its purchase for your business

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Applications of Industrial Water-Cooled Chiller

The industrial water-cooled chiller system is majorly useful in industries where heat dissipation from equipment and reactors is a critical requirement and where accurate temperature control is important for the industrial process of operation.

Industrial water-cooled chillers are refrigeration systems used in large installations, office buildings, hotels, and hospitals.

Benefits of Industrial water-cooled chillers

The following are major benefits of using an industrial water-cooled chiller system;

1. Industrial water-cooled chillers have a high cooling capacity due to the water's heat transfer rate, making them more suitable for large structures.

2. Industrial water-cooled chillers have a high-performance efficiency than any other chiller system.

3. Since industrial water-cooled chillers work on the principle of heat absorbed from process water, therefore, there is no wastage of water.

4. Maintenance costs of the chiller system are highly achievable by any company whatsoever as it is very minimal.

5. In the case where there is an impending disaster, there is little or no challenge to dealing with the use of an industrial water-cooled chiller.

6. Industrial water-cooled chillers are less expensive to install, however, they might cost more in the long run since many chiller types want to be built with cooling towers.

Working principle of Industrial Water-Cooled Chiller

The working principle of an industrial water-cooled chiller is that it uses process water to cool the refrigerant pipes and suck in the heat and the heat is subsequently released by pumping the water into a cooling tower.

When the process water is absorbed, the evaporator produces chilled water, which it discharges and transports to the facility through a pump. The chilled water is distributed throughout the office block via a network of pipes. After that, the cold air is exchanged for room air, which is blown across the AHUs and fan coil units.

The refrigerant pulls the undesired heat from the evaporator and transports it to the condenser. In the condenser is the water which contains undesirable heat and this is then directed to the chilling tower for further heat removal.

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