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Features and Applications of Low-Temperature Chiller

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Low-temperature chillers prove to be efficient with very high significance in various industrial sectors such as the medical, plastic, food, and beverage industries.

Their use, as well as the productivity they influence, cannot be underestimated.

Are you wondering what features make the low-temperature chiller unique for its applications? This article will give a detailed breakdown of the features and applications of a low-temperature chiller.

Features of Low-Temperature Chiller

What are the features of a low-temperature chiller? Indeed, every chiller has a feature that distinguishes it from other forms of chillers. Below is a list of features portrayed by the low-temperature chillers.

low-temperature chiller

Corrosion-free wetted surfaces

You can expect that because the low-temperature chiller works at a very low temperature. Once condensation occurs, some droplets of water begin to roll down the chiller's metal surface.

Normally, corrosion should set in, but because of the steel that is being used, corrosion is inhibited.

Stainless steel heat exchanger

Following the previous feature, stainless steel is the best option for the heat exchanger in the low-temperature chiller because it can withstand temperatures as low as -45℃. This is possible because the low-temperature chiller can be utilized at temperatures up to -25℃.

User adjustable temperature high and low alarm with remote signal

Low-temperature chiller has a remote signal that the user can use to control it to function at a desired and effective temperature.

Applications of Low-Temperature Chiller


The low-temperature chiller is very useful in keeping equipment and, in some cases, patients with high temperature cool. You must have noticed that vaccines are most times kept cool.

These vaccines are preserved at shallow temperatures using water-cooled low-temperature chillers because they are more efficient and function optimally at low temperatures.

Also, in the laboratory section, some samples are meant to be kept at low temperatures to avoid error changes in reaction, and this is effected by making use of a low-temperature chiller.

Plastic Industry

The plastic industry is also one of the major industries where the low-temperature chiller is very important. During processes involved in plastic technology, the use of low-temperature chiller results in the formation of high-strength and durable plastics.

As a manufacturer of plastics, you want your plastics to be very strong and durable to boost confidence in customers and potential customers. Hence, you need a low-temperature chiller to achieve this.

Food and Beverage Industries

Most microbes act, survive and multiply at high temperatures. Low-temperature chillers provide low temperatures for foods and beverages so that they can shelf life be extended.

 Low-Temperature Chillers

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Indeed, the use of low-temperature chillers in various medical, plastics, and food processing industries cannot be ignored.

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