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Why Choose Air Cooled Industrial Chiller Systems

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Have you felt uneasy in the past because of the scorching weather throughout the summer months? And you wished the air was a little cooler and more pleasant around you. If yes, I got news for you.

What if there was a device that could keep you cooler and more comfortable? Oh yes, there is such convenience with air-cooled industrial chiller systems! Air-cooled industrial chillers use ambient air to cool a condenser, which then recirculates colder air back into the nearby area.

Investing in an air-cooled industrial chiller, especially for commercial and industrial applications, can be a prudent investment. However, you should make sure you acquire it from a trustworthy and trusted air-cooled industrial chiller system supplier.

In this post, I'll share the most essential aspects of air-cooled chillers that make me want to tell you to consider and choose air-cooled industrial chillers.

So stay put and enjoy an impactful read.  

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What is an Air cooled industrial chiller system?

An industrial air-cooled chiller is a cooling system that collects heat from the process water and transmits it to the air surrounding the chiller and works in combination with a facility's air handler system to cool fluids.

Large building structures, such as indoor malls, hospitals, large industrial buildings, and hotels, as well as places with several buildings that require cooling, such as outdoor malls and amusement parks, frequently use industrial air-cooled chillers.

An air-cooled industrial chiller system is made up of four main parts; an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, and an expansion valve that ensures the proper functioning of the chiller system. An industrial air-cooled chiller operates on a continuous cycle.

Why choose an air-cooled industrial chiller system?

Easy installation and operation

Installing and operating an industrial air-cooled chiller system is at a low cost of installation and operation. This is because air-cooled chiller systems do not require cooling towers, condensation pumps, or other air conditioning components that may increase the cost of installation.

Also, because air-cooled chillers use small cooling system designs, it is promptly compensated by the low operating costs.

Less Maintenance required

The proper maintenance of the air-cooled chillers system does not require a sophisticated procedure but rather one which will save the cost of regular replacement or repair of damaged parts.

By following proper maintenance procedures, you are good to go with the air-cooled chiller systems;

· Regular and proper inspection of the condenser coils for clogging and free air passage.

· Daily removal of debris such as microplastics, sands, and contaminants which can affect the loop of the condenser.

· Maintaining the refrigerant charge to ensure the reduction of the cooling cost to up to 5-10%.

No cooling towers are required, hence less water required

In areas where water resources are scarce or water quality is poor, air-cooled water chiller systems are commonly used. The best aspect of the air-cooled industrial chiller systems is that they don't require cooling towers, making them simple to set up.

Are you already considering an air-cooled industrial chiller system for your industrial use? If so, you must know that purchasing it from a supplier with integrity is a wise decision to make.

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