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What Are The Characteristics Of 5 Kinds Of Chillers Commonly Used In Industry?

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Today we will analyze the characteristics of 5 kinds of chillers commonly used in industry.

Screw chiller

The chiller is designed with a screw compressor as the main engine. The screw chiller technology in the industry is mature, and it is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, refrigeration, engineering construction, etc., with a typical cooling capacity range of 700 to 1000kW.

The characteristics of screw chiller are:

1. Simple structure, few moving parts, few wearing parts and long service life.

2. The circular motion is stable, and there is no "surge" phenomenon during low-load operation.

3. High compression ratio and high EER value.

4. It can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 10% to 100%, with high efficiency and significant power saving at partial load.

5. Not sensitive to wet stroke.

screw chiller

Piston chiller

Compared with the screw chiller and the piston chiller, the compressor is a piston movement mode, which is assembled by a refrigeration compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a thermal expansion valve, etc.

The characteristics of the piston chiller are:

1. Wide range of applicable pressures and strong maintainability.

2. With multi-head, high-speed multi-cylinder, the performance can be improved.

3. The material is simple, and common metal materials can be used, which is easy to process and low in cost.

4. The chiller system is relatively simple, and the mobile installation is fast. Generally, the commonly used refrigeration range is 1-10 HP.

Piston chiller

Modular chiller

A modular chiller is a parallel combination of multiple modular chiller units with two completely independent refrigeration systems, each with a two-speed or single-speed compressor, evaporator, condenser and controller. There is a computer monitoring system inside to control the entire unit, according to the size of the air-conditioning load, regularly start and stop each compressor or change the high-speed operation to low-speed operation.

The features of modular chillers are:

1. According to the change of cooling load, adjust the number of modules in operation at any time, so that the output cooling capacity and air conditioning load can be optimally matched to reduce energy consumption.

2. The parallel operation of multiple compressors is guaranteed.

3. Light weight, small size, saving construction area.

4. The modular combination provides the maximum backup capacity for the refrigeration system, and it is very simple and easy to expand the unit capacity.

Modular chiller

Centrifugal Chiller

However, its working principle is fundamentally different from that of a piston compressor. It does not increase the pressure of the gas by reducing the volume of the cylinder, but relies on the change of kinetic energy to increase the pressure of the gas.

The characteristics of centrifugal chillers are:

1. The impeller speed is high, the gas transmission volume is large, and the single machine capacity is large.

2. Fewer wearing parts, reliable operation, compact structure, stable operation, small vibration and low noise.

3. The unit cooling capacity quality index is small.

4. No lubricating oil is mixed in the refrigerant, and the heat transfer performance of the evaporator and the condenser is good.

5. The EER value is high, and it can be adjusted steplessly within 10%~100%.

Centrifugal Chiller

Water source heat pump unit

It uses water circulating in a shared pipeline, water drawn from wells, lakes or rivers, or water circulating in underground coils as a cold (heat) source to produce cold (hot) air or cold (hot) air. ) water equipment; including a use side heat exchange equipment, compressor, heat source side heat exchange equipment, with single cooling or cooling and heating functions.

Features of water source heat pump unit:

1. Energy saving, heat can be recovered when running in winter.

2. One machine has multiple operations and runs stably.

3. The equipment occupies a small area and has a significant environmental effect.

4. High energy efficiency ratio.

Water source heat pump unit

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