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What Fluid is Being Used for Chillers?

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Selecting and sizing a chiller requires knowing the process fluid so the best design can be used for the application.


There are three different types of chillers:

ü Air

ü Water

ü Evaporative Condensed Chiller


The fluids used most with chillers are the following:

ü Water

ü Oil

ü Water Soluble Oil

ü Special Fluids



Depending on your installation, water cooling can be a good alternative as it is an economical and energy efficient solution. Water can be used from a local source (city water), but it is recommended to make sure that the water used is not high in mineral content which can cause corrosion or clog fluid channels. To avoid damaging the components, filtration is always encouraged.


What are the Different Types of Water and How to Maintain it?

Most industrial processes today utilize a process fluid to cool the equipment by moving heat away from the operation. An industrial chiller is a cooling system designed to remove heat from that process fluid, transfer the heat to another medium (ambient air or water), and return cool fluid to the process to begin the cycle again. One of the critical maintenance issues with process chillers is understanding what is in your water.

When it comes to process cooling fluids, water is commonly used. Knowing the difference between the different types of water helps the overall performance of the chiller and the process being cooled. Most equipment manufacturers have recommendations on what kind of water should be used in their equipment, which would enhance the overall production uptime as well as the service life of the equipment.

In some applications, like cooling laser equipment, the water conductivity is vital to the performance of the equipment.  These commonly use deionized water (DI) which resists the flow of electrical current.  In other applications water glycol is required to protect from freezing and bacterial growth.

Process chillers usually use four main types of water.

ü Tap Water or City Water

ü Steam Distilled Water

ü Water Glycol

ü Deionized Water (DI)



Cooling with oil is dedicated to very specific applications in which the process liquid is an oil or an emulsion with a high viscosity. Pfannenberg's EB Chillers allow the maximum cooling capacity in the smallest possible footprint. 

These chillers are designed to handle the oil entering the evaporator at higher temperatures than in typical processes. This solution is mainly used for recirculated cooling of machinery, hydraulics, automation components, etc.


In need of a industrial chiller?

Whatever your industry, selecting the best packaged chillers to meet the demanding requirements of your industrial applications can be complicated.

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