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Principle Of Water Cooling Tower

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A water cooling tower is a mechanical device that ensures that the temperature of an existing liquid in the vent is being released to the outside with the heat together periodically.

The water cooling tower depends on the operational principle of the size and types of tank used, as well as the fan types.

Although there are many water cooling towers available, in simple definition the principle of water cooling towers is that water is distributed from the top of the water cooling tower as it is being sprayed using nozzle.

At this point, the pressure of 2-3 bars is needed for the correction of water distributed to the tower, the fresh air coming in will collide with the water used for filling the surface which contains heat and humidity, it’s then thrown to the atmosphere likewise the water drained during the fillings flow down towards the tanks, which the water has lost its heat. The Cooled water generated is ready for reuse accordingly to what is needed.


Types of water cooling towers based on their working principles

Water cooling towers of few varieties are often used in the industrial and social area where the fan is being located at the top of the system. The air is being discharged from the shutters first, then discharged out for the cooling tower panel, these types of towers are generally preferred in small industries or small areas.

This tower has a very wide range of usage in which the modularity construction, as-semblance, and shipments are very easy and the sound effects can be reduced by replacing the fan, chimney, diameter, and revolutions structures of the water cooling towers. The sound level standard is 85dB always distances 3 meters far away and can be reduced to 65dB by including an added.

 water cooling tower

Counter flow towers

the water that is coming out of the towers to be cooled is been directed from the cooling tower to be into contact with the water at the surface, and the counter flow panel increases because there’s a decrease in the amount of water coming inside.

These towers fan are usually located at the bottom end of the tower, and requires higher horse power compared to the axial traction towers containing axial fan which uses higher energy.

1. Naturally pulling towers, these are the ones in which natural airflow is used rather than using gravity traction, towers like this require no axial or radial fan, and very high air and water passages. These towers are normally installed in Power generation plants And are usually high in structures made of concrete which are also shaped like a vase that follows the working principle of Surface evaporation.

2. Evaporative condenser, these towers are similar to the working principle of water cooling towers in which the outside air and the operating water don’t come in contact with each other, they often use Fountain water to increase the outdoor cooling effects.


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