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Causes And Solutions For The Loud Noise Of Water Chillers

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Water chillers, also known as air conditioners, are generally called chillers for air conditioners in large central air-conditioning systems. Although they are called differently, they are the same kind of goods. Large-scale central air-conditioning chillers will emit strong noise and vibration during operation. If there are no sound insulation and vibration reduction measures, the noise can be transmitted through solid objects and the impact range is particularly wide. Let us take a look at the causes and solutions for the loud noise of the chiller.

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Reasons for the loud noise of the chiller

Common chillers are air-cooled and water-cooled.  Air cooled chillers are usually installed outdoors, while water-cooled chillers are mostly installed in basements. The noise causes and solutions are also different.

Air-cooled water-cooled units are more common in central air conditioning systems. Noise sources are divided into three types: compressors, circulating water pumps and cooling fans. These noise sources have different noise spectra and different solutions.


The noise solution of the chiller

If the chiller is installed in the early stage of noise prevention, it will not produce high noise. The chillers that need to solve the noise pollution are either not doing a good job of noise prevention in the initial stage, or the chillers have been used for too long time.


1. Silence

The cooling fan of the water-cooled unit emits aerodynamic noise, which needs to be silenced. The noise reduction method is a muffler that has the best effect, but considering that the noise value of the cooling fan is not high, in order not to affect its operating efficiency, noise reduction louvers are usually used.

2. Sound insulation

The sound insulation cover is used for sound insulation, which can block all kinds of noises emitted by the chiller in the sound insulation cover. The sound insulation of water chillers usually uses a semi-enclosed sound insulation cover, and the unclosed side can be replaced by silencing shutters, which can be used for ventilation and heat dissipation of the cooling fan.

3. Vibration reduction

The chiller not only emits noise, but also vibration. Whether it is a compressor or a circulating water pump, it will emit strong vibration, which is also the key to solving the noise of the chiller. There are two ways to reduce the vibration of the chiller. One is to use a shock absorber to block the path of vibration transmission, which has a particularly good effect. The other is the damping layer to reduce vibration, which only needs to be applied to the chiller casing to reduce its vibration, which is suitable for chillers with less vibration.

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Chillers of different sizes and models have different causes of noise and different solutions. When our engineers formulate the noise control plan for chillers, they are based on the site conditions, so the above methods may not be applicable to all chillers. If you have any questions about the noise reduction of the chiller, please contact us and let my engineer provide you with a solution.


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