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Features and Components of Mold Temperature Controller

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A mold temperature controller is also known as MTC. It is a small powerful equipment used to heat connected mold. The heated mold provides the right operating temperature in a short time and maintains temperature by cooling or heating.

The role of the temperature control unit in the system is to preheat the mold. It will then keep the mold at a specific temperature through the circulation of coolant (oil or water) through the mold.

Meanwhile, purchasing a quality mold temperature controller from a reputable manufacturer is highly recommendable. You are sure to enjoy the value for your money. Read on as we take you through the things to know about this device.

Components of A Mold Temperature Controller

It is important to know that the machine consists of the following components.

· Water tank

· Temperature sensor

· Cooling and heating system

· Power transmission system

· Injection ports

· Liquid level control system

· And other components

mold temperature controller

Working Principle of A mold Temperature Controller

To maintain a specific temperature, the pump that is located in the power transmission system cause the fluid to get to the mold. The fluid then flows from the water tank that has a built-in cooler and heater.

After getting to the mold, it flows back to the tank. There is a sensor that measures the temperature of the fluid. It sends data to the control unit of the system. The control system indirectly adjusts the temperature of the mold by adjusting the temperature of the fluid.

During operation, the controller connects the inlet fluid into the system when the temperature of the mold is more than the set value. The inlet fluid will remain there until the temperature gets back to the set value.  

Feature of a Mold Temperature Controller

The design of this powerful device is very unique. Let’s quickly look at the features at a glance.

1. Digital Display

There is a digital screen that displays the actual and set values. It makes the system easy to read within a short period.

2. Easy To Use

The device is user-friendly and easy to operate. It does not require sophisticated skills to operate. Moreover, there is a control system that is easy to notice the fault. There is an audible alarm that signals any fault detection.

3. Powerful Pump and Monitoring System

There is a high pressure and high flow powerful pump in it. The monitoring of the system protects the pump from overload.  

4. Quality Material

The water lining has a corrosion-free material. In the water-based unit, there is a provision for an automatic water refilling system that refills water when it is not enough.

Protective Functions Of Mold Temperature Controller

There are numerous functions of this device. The key protective functions are:

· Out-phase safety

· Auto-exhaust startup

· The heat couple broke the alarm

· Auto-cooling shutdown

· Oil shortage safety

· Over-heating safety

· Water-pump safety

· Power phase deficiency

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