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How to select a cost friendly chiller unit

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Chiller equipment is often used in the industry, and it costs a lot as basic equipment. Once the model is selected carelessly, it will not only waste manpower and material resources but also delay production.

When communicating with customers, many users focus on price and often abandon the configuration, material, quality, and after-sales of the chiller itself. Indeed, when purchasing a product, price is a major consideration for everyone.


Different brands, different models, and different configurations have specific needs. Selecting a specific and suitable chiller will have different corresponding quotations. Below, the editor of Kaydeli chiller will briefly talk about the factors that affect the price of chillers.

1. Brand factor

The brand is still an important reference factor for us to choose chiller equipment. Brand means service and quality reputation. Customers in any industry want to buy a well-known brand, which means peace of mind and durability. And can guarantee later operation.

2. The size of the cooling capacity:

The cooling capacity of the chiller is different, and the price is naturally different. The larger the cooling capacity, the higher the price. Generally, the screw chiller is more expensive than the conventional scroll chiller, and the cooling performance is more efficient.

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3. The size of the chiller

Industrial chillers not only cost a lot but also have a huge volume and weight. A 300-horse chiller is more than the height of a normal person because it is related to the cooling capacity of the chiller and the ability to handle chilled water, condensers, and compressors, The evaporator must be matched with industrial production.

However, the size of the chiller is required to be smaller, and the consumables must be made of lighter materials. It is a test for R&D and design. Naturally, non-standard custom-made chillers are small in size and light in weight. The price of the chiller is more expensive.

4. The level of temperature control accuracy:

In terms of temperature control accuracy, the higher the accuracy, the higher the price. For example, in precision experiments, the chiller is often required to achieve an accuracy of ±0.1 °C, so the high-precision chiller will have higher requirements and lifespan for controlling the solenoid valve, and The price must be higher than the price of ±0.5℃, ±1℃,

There are many factors that affect the price of chillers, such as model, temperature control accuracy, power, cooling capacity, after-sales service, and a series of technical parameters and service differences.

Therefore, for friends in the industry, it is necessary to carefully select chiller equipment based on their actual needs. Don't buy cheap, low-quality chiller equipment in order to pursue low prices, and in the end, it will outweigh the gains!

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