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Features and Control of Water Cooled Mold Temperature Machine

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The most crucial role during processing for heating or both heating and cooling purpose is played by a mold temperature controller, sometimes referred to as an MTC or TCU (temperature controller unit).

Mold temperature controls help lower injection molding machine unit costs. It significantly affects how well-made a component's features are. This mold temperature unit ensures accurate surface reproduction to guarantee consistent shrinkage behavior.

In this article, I will take you through the features and control of a water-cooled mold temperature machine.

Features of Water Cooled Mold Temperature Machine

Water-cooled mold temperature machines are outrightly made up of basic features which distinguish the product from any other one that you can find in the market. The features reflect the true qualities of this machine. Listed below are some of the features of this machine:

Water Cooled Mold Temperature Machine

1. Quick heating and cooling, constant temperature

The water-cooled mold temperature machine heats up on time cools off and maintains a constant temperature throughout its working process.

2. Automatic boot exhaust

The machine comes with an automatic boot exhaust. You need not struggle with the boot button nor be n expert in learning how to start the machine.

3. Backwater effect of mold

The mold has got a backwater function as well

4. Rust, decreasing pipe and stainless steel pipe

The machine is built with a stainless-steel pipe which helps in preventing the pipe from getting rust within a short period.

5. Use of imported advances component

The components used in making the machine are mostly imported products. The components are made of high quality which guarantees their durability.

How To Control The Water-Cooled Mold Temperature Machine

The temperature of the heat transfer medium is often adjusted, along with the addition of a heating bar and heat insulation board. Water, for water-cooled mold temperature machine. They are frequently used as heat transmission mediums.

The cooling channel is a common name for its canal. For the front mold opening machine water and frozen water are typically utilized to lower the mold temperature.

The material with better heat transfer efficiency should be utilized to transmit heat to the heat transfer medium or the "heat pipe" should be used for local cooling when the channel of a heat transfer medium, i.e. cooling channel, cannot pass through some areas.

Hot water and hot oil are typically fed into the cooling channel to increase the mold's temperature. Die panels should be used when the mold temperature requirements are high to prevent heat loss due to heat conduction.

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A quality machine can be depicted merely by looking through its basic features and how the main objective which is heat can be controlled during the production process, most especially in a water-cooled mold temperature machine.

Are you a manufacturer, presently considering how to get one of the best quality water-cooled mold temperature machines? Why not Contact us for more information on this product?


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