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Kaydeli Chiller Equipment

For safety, quality, security, use Kaydeli!

         On July 7, a batch of refrigeration equipment produced by China kaydeli departed from Dongguan and exported to Uzbekistan in Central Asia. This batch of chillers is an air-cooled chiller.

This batch of chillers adopts the refrigeration design scheme carefully researched and developed by kaydeli engineers and technicians in terms of processing technology, refrigeration technology and quality management. The export to Central Asia proves the strong strength of kaydeli brand chillers in the international industrial equipment market. 


2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The coronavirus epidemic has swept the world. So far, more than 15 million people have been diagnosed worldwide. Under the raging epidemic, the world's industrial equipment market has suffered a major impact. Most countries and regions in the world have implemented policies of varying degrees of flow control, restriction or suspension of foreign trade, which has squeezed the export market of domestic enterprises.

The recovery of China's economy is inseparable from the country's strong measures against the epidemic, and it is also inseparable from the tenacious spirit of domestic enterprises. It is reflected in the resumption of work and production of domestic production enterprises, and is reflected in the headwinds of corporate employees facing setbacks ...Injecting impetus into the recovery and development of the enterprise.

Kaydeli Foreign Trade Department is just such a department that dares to "fly against the storm". From the perspective of customers, in line with the goal of maximizing value for customers, through the rigorous qualification review and rigorous technical standards of the middlemen, it finally wins with the recognition of SHELF VOSTOK in Salamakan Region, Uzbekistan, the cooperation has been successfully reached!

In the face of the spread of the epidemic, in the severe international trade environment, how can kaydeli  fly against the storm and realize the export of chillers overseas?

In the 1950s, China's domestic industry developed slowly. At first, the chiller technology was completely dependent on foreign imports. With the continuous development of my country's economy, the continuous breakthroughs in industrial chiller technology also gave birth to many local chiller brands. It is under this background that Shenzhen Kaydeli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. relies on the core foundation of advanced technology, advanced talents, and advanced management mode, and continues to innovate in corporate mechanism, technology and management, independent research and development with international advanced the level of cooling and heating, ecological, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly chiller equipment products has embarked on a successful road to joint ventures, cooperation, and growth of economic strength, realizing the rapid development of the company.

For a long time, kaydeli has in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutes including the National Astronomical Observatory of China, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Hefei University of Technology, and Advanced Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It has achieved good results in refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, and experimental equipment refrigeration projects. The development and growth of domestic related industries.

Well-known domestic and foreign companies, such as Huawei, Foxconn, Taishan Gypsum, Yuncheng Platemaking, XCMG Hydraulics, Longxing Chemical, Malaysia Keko Group, etc., have been in close cooperation with kaydeli, and kaydeli has gradually gained a high market reputation in the industry. The brand reputation has risen year after year, and kaydeli chillers are widely used in many industries such as new energy lithium battery material manufacturing, vacuum coating, chemical pharmacy, electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical processing, plastic molding, glass production and so on.

On a global scale, there are also companies in various industries in Europe, America, Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and other countries including the United States. Customers from countries and regions provide higher product quality and value, enhance the market competitiveness of customer companies, and promote economic development.

The chiller equipment exported to Uzbekistan this time is a testimony of the cooperation between kaydeli and foreign companies. Even under the shadow of the global epidemic, it still uses excellent technical standards and high-specification process, excellent product quality, and finally recognized by Uzbekistan customers.

On the road of high-end, intelligent, personalized, and customized manufacturing in China’s industry, kaydelis enterprise transformation is accelerated and has updated the design and application of high-tech, high-quality, and high-standard refrigeration equipment to provide integrated service for customers. A one-stop refrigeration solution for process temperature control and low temperature environment, using technology to empower the industry, in the face of the severe global epidemic situation, flying against the storm!


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