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Pesticide Industry Cooling Project-Meibang group Xi'an, Shanxi


       Shaanxi Meibang Pesticide Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming China's leading supplier of comprehensive crop services. It is a modern enterprise integrating pesticide research and development, production, sales and agricultural technology promotion services. Its product line covers suspension concentrates, water emulsions, liquids, etc. This formulation is unique among Chinese pesticide brands and leads the development of the industry at the critical stage of the development of China's pesticide industry. The company's comprehensive strength ranks first in the Northwest region, and China's pesticide companies ranked third in 2019.

        After the reform and opening up, my country’s pesticide production and market sales have shown an increasing trend year by year. At present, my country is the world’s largest pesticide producer. Through the adjustment of the pesticide product structure, the proportion of high-residue and high-level pesticides in my country has dropped from 70% to less than 2%. Safe and green pesticide products have gradually become the mainstream. At the same time, pesticide companies are also facing the double test of new pesticide product development and quality.

        The improvement of pesticide product quality comes from multiple links. The production and processing of raw materials is the source of product quality improvement. Grinding and processing of raw materials is an important part of this process.

        In the pesticide raw material production and processing workshop, the pharmaceutical sand mill is an important equipment in the raw material processing and grinding. The continuous processing and discharging of materials can help improve the grinding efficiency and production quality. In the centralized cooling of the pharmaceutical sand mill, special stability is required The chiller with cooling efficiency centrally cools the equipment.

        Meibang Pharmaceutical Group has been cooperating with Kaydeli for a long time. In 2013 and 2014, they ordered four outdoor air-cooled screw units from Shenzhen Kaydeli Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. for the production of raw materials in the pharmaceutical workshop. , which has played an important role in the research and development of its new product pesticide production.


        Kaydeli outdoor air-cooled screw chiller is a relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly chiller equipment product in the same industry. Energy consumption is 30% lower than that of its peers. It has the characteristics of high cooling efficiency and stable operation. It is used in pharmaceutical sand mills to cool down. In the process, excellent performance can be exerted, the temperature in the cylinder is stabilized, and the sand mill can operate normally, which improves the quality and efficiency of pesticide products.

          In 2013, kaydeli reached a cooperation with Shaanxi Meibang Group Company. Kaydeli designed and customized a cooling solution for pharmaceutical sand mills for its production workshop, which solved the problem of high temperature of the sand mill equipment in the workshop. And in the research and development of new pesticide products invested in 2014, kaydeli continued to choose kaydeli as the project engineering partner in cooling and cooling.

        Thanks again to Shaanxi Meibang Group for its trust and support to kaydeli. Tow company have also witnessed the technical strength of kaydeli's refrigeration products in the field of pesticide industry. It has developed special refrigeration products suitable for more industries and used technology and traditional industries and build a future industrial ecology together.


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