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    Jihechang Chemical is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the production, research and development and sales of electroplating intermediates, additives and other fine chemical products. There is a modern production base in Yingcheng, Hubei, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. The production equipment includes chemical atmospheric and high-pressure reaction units, with an annual output of 5,000 tons of electroplating intermediates. The products involve hardware, electronics, clocks, lighting, locks, furniture, Automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, ABS plastic, PCB circuit board and other industries. 


    Fine chemicals, as the name suggests, belong to the chemical industry, which is a new type of field. The production process is long, unit reactions are many, raw materials are complex, and intermediate process control requirements are strict. There are many types of fine chemical products, high added value, wide applications, and high industrial relevance.

    Electroplating intermediate is a general term for a class of fine chemicals used to compound electroplating additives. It is used as an electroplating additive in the electroplating production process, as an adjustment material for grain size, gloss, thickness, and plating speed characteristics.  

    In fine chemical production, temperature control is extremely important, and the heat exchange system used in the process is mainly composed of a heating system, a cooling system, and a freezing system to provide reaction conditions at different temperatures.

    In 2018, Kaydeli and Jihechang Chemical Co., Ltd. began to cooperate. Kaydeli provide special temperature-controlled cooling equipment for reactors in the production workshop of electroplating intermediates. After the implementation of the project, a good cooling effect was achieved, which improved the output and quality of its products  and played a non-negligible role.

    In addition, in the fine chemical industry, domestic and foreign products are inconsistent. Our country’s fine chemical industry includes pesticides, dyes, coatings, pigments, reagents and high-purity substances, information chemicals, food and feed additives, adhesives, catalysts and various additives. There are 11 product categories of additives, raw materials and daily chemicals, and functional polymer materials. In its refined production, Kaydeli has many successful cases, which can be used for cooling of production equipment, and can also be used as temperature control in fine chemical industry

    In the low-temperature refrigeration system, the refrigerator, as a device that produces low temperature, is the key cold-machine equipment, which is responsible for the lower temperature reaction control in chemical production. In Jihechang Chemical, a workshop for the production of electroplating intermediates, in the temperature control of the reaction kettle, a special kaydeli  reaction kettle temperature control chiller is adopted, which provides a reasonable low-temperature refrigeration solution for its refined production.

    After communication between the technicians, the temperature difference, water flow and water pressure were determined, the required refrigeration capacity range was calculated, and the chiller model matching the workshop reactor was finally determined. According to the production demand of the workshop, it is equipped with Kaydeli KCL-030TA and KCL-050FA two sets of low-temperature chillers and chiller matching, etc.


    Kaydeli air-cooled low-temperature chiller is a new generation of low-temperature refrigeration equipment carefully designed and developed according to special industries such as fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and biological engineering. The environment and materials are different, and the customization of different chiller equipment can be realized, and the quality and energy control have reached the industry's high standards.

    Because of the importance of refrigeration equipment in the production of chemical enterprises, quality and service should be the first choice for purchasing equipment. Kaydeli has 20 years of experience in the development and design of chillers in the refrigeration industry. The compressors, expansion valves, and chilled water pumps in the machine are all based on high-quality domestic and foreign brand accessories, and the brand of chiller units tends to be high-end and customized.


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