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Kaydeli Chiller Equipment

For safety, quality, security, use Kaydeli!

Nowadays, the environmental testing equipment industry is developing rapidly, and thermal shock test machines, high and low temperature test chambers, etc. have become the main force in the environmental testing equipment industry. my country's environmental testing equipment is entering a stage of diversified development. The improvement of product quality depends on the continuously improving level of technology. The temperature control of the environmental testing equipment operation is the key technology to ensure the quality of the environmental testing equipment.


Kaydeli refrigeration equipment can be used not only in electroplating, chemical, food, electronics, new energy and other fields, but also in high-end scientific and technological test equipment.

TCL Huizhou Tongli Electronics is an enterprise that focuses on the development and application of electro-acoustic technology and provides one-stop electronic product overall solutions. In its first phase of production, it established a cooperation with Kaydeli in the design and customization of environmental test equipment refrigeration systems.

The thermal shock test box is an indispensable test equipment in the fields of automobiles, home appliances, scientific research, etc. In KONE Electronics, the thermal shock test is used for the adaptability test of the whole electronic product and its components under rapid or gradual temperature conditions. , Test and determine the thermal performance parameters of the product, and complete the quality inspection target.


In a test workshop in the KONE electronics factory, it is necessary to test the temperature of electronic products through the test box. In order to ensure the normal operation of the test box, the whole workshop adopts centralized cooling to timely dissipate heat from the fast box and hot and cold shock box equipment to reduce the temperature of the equipment. Ensure the normal detection of test pieces and avoid slow cooling.

The refrigeration system adopts Kadley KC-045FA air-cooled screw chiller, which supplies the water inlet pressure of the thermostat not less than 4KG, provides 80KW and 28KW cooling capacity for the fast box and the cold and heat shock box respectively, and is controlled by the temperature of the test box. It requires reasonable matching, strong reliability, high stability, more energy saving than similar products in the same industry, and more convenient use and maintenance.

The principle of refrigeration is that the compressor in the unit compresses the refrigerant gas to produce a high-pressure and high-temperature gaseous state. The gas-liquid phase change is realized by the condensing device, and then the shutoff valve adiabatic expansion to perform work. At this time, the refrigerant temperature is reduced, and the evaporator The cooling mechanism absorbs heat, so that the equipment can be cooled down.

The unit adopts Taiwan's "HanBell" screw compressor, the condenser and evaporator are made of first-class materials, with long service life and good stability; in the main control system, Siemens PLC microcomputer controller is used; the whole equipment uses energy Regulating technology can not only effectively generate the required cooling power, but also save more electricity and energy at the same operating cost. After customers' actual operation and use, compared with other refrigeration products in the same category, energy savings can reach more than 20%.

At the same time, in order to ensure the safe operation of the refrigeration system and effectively monitor the operation, the Kadley KC-045FA chiller is equipped with high-pressure control, overpressure, overload and other protection systems, and an interlock device is set in the electrical control system. Refrigeration units will be prohibited from working at the time, and the equipment is safe and stable, which is a guarantee for the safe production of client enterprises.

In the first phase of the project, because the customer has special requirements for equipment hoisting and relocation and installation, and strictly requires the supplier to follow the factory requirements and specifications, plan the hoisting route one week in advance. Kaydeli strictly follows the special requirements of the customer, from production to transportation , Hoisting, relocation, installation and other links are strictly controlled, and the first phase of the project has been successfully completed. The customer has given high praise to the overall plan design and thoughtful service, and will continue to choose to cooperate with us in the second and third phases of the project. So far, the ordered KD KC series chillers are operating normally, and the cooling work of the ring test equipment has been successfully completed.

Kaydeli chillers are not only used in thermal shock test chamber equipment, but also in high and low temperature cycle test chambers, high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chambers, low temperature refrigeration test chambers and other environmental test equipment, precise temperature control, safe use Reliable and powerfully guarantee the quality inspection of customers' products.

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