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Kaydeli Chiller Equipment

For safety, quality, security, use Kaydeli!

Quality assurance determines the future! A good equipment and good product can help your company to enhance its competitiveness in production, which is established no matter what industry field it is in. The same products and processes can only be guaranteed directly into the hearts of customers and achieve a win-win situation.


Today, Kaydeli will take you to learn about the case of smart manufacturing companies using chillers in production. This company is Shenzhen Ankexun Electronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Ankexun is committed to the world's leading smart manufacturers, focusing on ICT technology, network energy, new energy, industrial automation, automotive electronics, Internet of Things, enterprise networks and other fields, providing professional manufacturing services for Huawei, Sony and other companies. Relying on leading technology and equipment, it has played a huge role in the 5G industry. At the beginning of the year, it cooperated with Huawei to build the 5G base station of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, which contributed to the fight against the epidemic!


It has a complete product testing system, complete testing equipment, and imported reliability testing equipment, which can smoothly ensure that products undergo safety testing, temperature cycle testing, aging testing, ORT testing, etc. The equipment is completely reliable.


Paying attention to product quality and quality is the foundation of a manufacturing company, and it is also a basic industry standard. The more stringent the quality, the greater the return you will get in the future! As a manufacturer of industrial refrigeration equipment, Kaydeli cooperated with Ankexun. In May 2020, after being introduced by industry friends, Ankexun purchased Kadley brand chillers for the production and cooling of the inspection workshop. Provide cold support for the good operation of workshop testing equipment.


The value of testing equipment is high, especially the testing equipment required by precision laboratories, which can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions. Such high-end professional testing and testing equipment requires close cooperation with personnel and the environment during operation. The state of work that maximizes the maximum value.


Kaydeli chiller is a device that provides centralized cooling for the equipment in the testing workshop. Whether it is R&D design or process quality, it meets the requirements of the other party's customers. The heat of the equipment is concentrated back to the chiller to dissipate heat and realize the cooling of the equipment. the goal of.



Kaydeli chiller has passed hundreds of professional chiller designers to verify the use environment and status of the chiller through repeated tests. In the selection of matching accessories, it adopts imported high-quality brand compressors, PLC/PC main control system, and customer’s Using environment, cooling capacity and circulating water capacity parameters, comprehensive selection, quality assurance of the industry’s authenticity, and a certificate issued by the National Electrical Appliance Quality Inspection Center, no fraud.


It is worth noting that Kaydeli chiller has achieved the ultimate in terms of cooling equipment. The equipment is ours and our life is ours. No matter what problems the customer’s equipment encounters, the customer service will reply as soon as possible and issue detailed instructions. A maintenance/repair program will never appear, and the current situation and criticism of the industry regardless of whether the equipment is sold.


Counting the domestic chiller industry in detail, it has been used to fill up and add to the reality of the chiller industry, causing chaos in the development of the chiller industry. In the industry, it is no wonder that inferior chiller equipment factories often use second-hand refurbished equipment parts and reassemble cold water. The low-price sale of the machine not only harms the industry, but also harms the interests of customers.


Kaydeli chiller brand has been launched on the five major channels of CCTV, which is to dare to lead the chiller chiller market. With sincere service and after-sales, customers can use high-quality chiller chillers with high safety factors, strong guarantees, and high-quality products. , Use actual cases to prove the real source of chiller manufacturers.


It is the thoughtful service and quality that has been recognized by Ankexun. The company’s important testing laboratory equipment cooling process is handed over to Kaydeli to do it. The trust of customers is our persevering source of power, and we will continue to give full play to the industry's resource advantages. , Doing a good job of our chiller equipment will become the core and key to sustainable development in the future.

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