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3hp to 12hp Water-cooled mold temperature machine in plastic machine, injection molding 3hp to 12hp Water-cooled mold temperature machine in plastic machine, injection molding

Compared with the oil temperature control system, the water temperature machine has the advantages of using water as the medium: high heat transfer efficiency, less pollution, and easy access to water resources, but its temperature control range is small, and the maximum is only 98 °C. The ultra-boiling water temperature machine developed by our company has a temperature control range of 180 °C, and recently introduced a model with a temperature control accuracy of ±0.1 °C (for laser disc production), which makes the use of water temperature machine have a wider space.

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Water cold mold temperature machine Specification:

mold cooling chiller.JPG

Ultra-high temperature water temperature machine (ultra-high temperature 180 degrees) features

Water temperature heater, ultra-high temperature water temperature machine, circulating temperature control machine, mold temperature machine

1, computer touch control, separate electrical control, easy to understand operation. (optional)

2. The temperature control table is controlled by Japanese OMRON and RKC microcomputer dual-group P.I.D. The automatic calculation of the touch-type internal storage is accurate and reliable, saving more than 35%.

3. The safety protection and fault indication system is perfect.

4, the use of imported advanced components, Japan FUJI, OMROU, France Schneider, Germany SIEMENS, Taiwan ANLY and so on.

5, suck out the mold return oil, full negative pressure operation and other functions. (optional)

6, stainless steel integrated molding, tube donation small, add cooked evenly.

7, boot automatic exhaust function.


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