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Things You Should Know About Oil Cooled Chiller

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Energy is usually dissipated from mechanical engines in form of heat. This heat usually reduces the efficiency of the engine.

It is therefore necessary to remove the heat generated by an engine by using certain specially designed mechanical devices that cool the engine. One of such device is an oil cooled chiller.

Oil Cooled Chiller has a major application in cooling the internal combustion engine of automobiles. It cools the various mechanical parts of the engine using oil.

You may begin to ask yourself, "What are the types of oil cooled Chillers available?" "What are the advantages they offer?" "What are the disadvantages?"

Wait, let's explore the important things you should know about oil cooled chiller together in this article.

 oil cooled chiller

Types of Oil Cooled Chiller

Oil cooled Chiller also known as Oil Cooler is generally classified into two types which are Oil-to-air Cooler and Oil-to-water Cooler.


1. Oil-to-air Cooler

This Oil Cooled Chiller consists of a small radiator that uses an ambient air from a cooling fan to cool engine oil.

Usually, the Oil-to-air Cooler ensures that the oil is cooled down to a particular low temperature before allowing it to pass to the engine.

It does this by using a control valve to stop the flow of the oil untill the desired temperature is attained.


2. Oil-to-water Cooler

This Oil Cooled Chiller makes use of a coolant such as cold water which is passed through a heat exchanger.

The coolant then absorbs heat from the hot oil, thus lowering its temperature down to the desired degree. This ensures that the oil does not boil off and evaporate.


Advantages Of Oil Cooled Chiller

Using an oil cooled Chiller offers several advantages which help in improving the efficiency of an engine.

Some of the advantages of Oil Cooled Chiller are:

· It uses a thermostat to regulate the temperature of oil.

· It enables the proper cooling of oil before it's circulated through the engine.

· It is quite easy to install and operate.

· It improves the working efficiency of an engine.

· It makes use of cooled oil which, unlike water cooled Chiller, is not corrosive to the engine.

· The design of oil cooled Chiller is simple.

· It is generally durable and easy to maintain.

· It efficiently controls the distribution and circulation of oil around the engine.

 Oil Cooled Chiller

Disadvantages of Oil Cooled Chiller

There is nothing so good that doesn't has its own limitations. Despite all the advantages of oil cooled chiller, it also has few disadvantages.


The disadvantages of Oil Cooled Chiller are:

· Flammable oil may lead to fire outbreak.

· It makes use of large amount of oil to operate.

· It may overcool the oil if the valve is not closed on time.

· It requires extra care and maintenance.

· The failure of thermostatically controlled valve may completely stop the oil from circulating.


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