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Key Things To Know About Low-Temperature Chiller

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In the chilling system, a low-temperature chiller is a special chiller that has many industrial applications. The use of this chiller cuts across different sectors such as food service, aerospace, and medicine.

As an investor, when you invest in a quality industrial machine such as this chiller, you have a higher advantage over your competitor. To get the best from your investment, it is essential to source it from a reputable manufacturer of a low-temperature chiller.

Read on as we take you through important things you need to know about this specialized machine. In the end, you will be equipped with the information necessary to maximize the use of the machine.

  low-temperature chiller

How Does Chillers Work

The chiller works by using the principle of vapor absorption or vapor compression. There is a continuous stream of coolant that enters the cold side of the water processing system at a low temperature.

The coolant pumps heat out of the processing equipment as the coolant flows back to the initial side of the water system.

The chiller is an evaporator that uses a vapor compression system to connect the flowing process. The refrigerant mixes through the condenser, compressor, evaporator, and expansion compartment of the chiller.

The role of the evaporator is to act as a heat exchanger. The heat captured by the coolant transfers to the area of the refrigerant for evaporation. The evaporation causes a reduction in the temperature of the coolant.


How to Increase the Productivity of a Chiller System

Chiller systems cost a substantial amount when it comes to utility bills. To maximize the electric energy used by the machine, it is essential to increase the productivity of the machine. One of the key ways to increase the productivity of the chiller is through proper continuous maintenance.


Continuous Maintenance

To ensure optimal operation of the chiller, continuous maintenance is advisable. Most companies know the essence of this and have taken steps to ensure it’s part of their routine management system. Some basic practices are:


· Daily Inspection

It is advisable to inspect the machine before the commencement of the day's operation. During operation, heat transfers may form clog around the coil, ensure to clean it before the next operation.


· Refrigerant Charge Level

The levels of refrigerant can affect the productivity of the chiller. For proper functioning, maintain the refrigerant level. When it operates optimally, it can reduce the cooling costs of the machine by 5-10%.


· Condenser Water

The cooling towers should have the right water flow as planned by the manufacturer. Impurities like contaminated materials, erosive solids, and sand can disturb the loop of the water condenser. Things like scaling or fouling can inhibit the flow of water and reduce productivity levels.

 low-temperature chiller

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