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The Role of a Laser Chiller to a Laser Cutting/Engraving Machine

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Lasers are useful for cutting and engraving the majority of materials, including acrylic, leather, glass, and wood. Due to this, laser engraving/cutting equipment is now a necessary part of both large and small enterprises' production facilities.

The performance and lifespan of a powerful laser device are affected by some variables, including usage volume, regular maintenance, and cleaning.

Although there are numerous industrial water chiller solutions available, the best method to increase the lifespan of your laser tube is to select a dependable laser water chiller.

Let's examine why you need a laser chiller to protect your laser cutting.

What Causes Heat from Lasers?

It seems to sense that more heat will be produced during the generation of laser light because it is a magnified type of light energy.  Large levels of heat are produced by industrial laser systems, which can harm both the material being operated on and the laser parts themselves.

As a result, owners of laser machines must use a cooling system to keep their equipment within safe operating temperature ranges.

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Why Your Engraver/Cutting Machine Needs a Water Laser Chiller

Incorporating a laser chiller device is the most efficient way to keep your CO2 laser functioning efficiently for as long as feasible.

By reducing surplus heat energy generated during laser operation, these industrial water chillers will offer the thermoregulation necessary to prevent component breakdown or product damage.

An industrial water chiller is just what you need. These specialized laser water chillers circulate water around the laser generator of the device to cool it and control the temperature to extend the life of the laser generator.

For applications requiring precise temperature control or below ambient temperatures, recirculating chillers use active refrigeration. Cooling capabilities for standard models range from 600W to several KWs.

How Do Industrial Laser Chillers Operate?

So how can chillers maintain the stability of your laser technology? Common laser water chillers have a refrigeration system that circulates coolant to the process laser tube, where the heat exchange takes place and the laser is cooled to the proper temperature.

The refrigerated unit receives the heated cooling fluid via piping, where the absorbed heat is removed to regenerate the coolant for a new cycle of heat exchange with the laser device.

What size of a laser chiller Do I Require?

Finding out the laser's water cooling needs is the first step in choosing the best industrial chiller brand. Make sure the laser water chiller you purchase has a user handbook with detailed information about its cooling capabilities. Not to mention, the size of the chiller is determined by chilling capacity.

The quantity of waste heat that laser chiller removes from a laser engraving equipment is known as the heat load. Usually, this value is expressed in watts or BTU/hr. The chiller you select ought to have sufficient power for the laser engraving device you're using. 

For machines rated between 50 and 100 watts, we advise a 3000 chiller, and for machines rated beyond 100 watts, something between 5000 and 5200. Even for 50-100W laser machines, you'll need a 5000 chiller if you operate a laser engraving business full-time.

The temperature displays, temperature monitors with high/low alerts, water flow rates, etc. are a few other aspects to take into account. You may get the most out of your industrial water chiller by taking into account additional factors like ISO 9001 certification and warranty.

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The warranty of a laser chiller has a considerable bearing on its reputation. Many commercial water chillers come with a year of technical assistance and protection.

For additional details and to order our laser chiller, get in touch with us for a smooth deal. 


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