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Key Features of Industrial Laser Water Chillers

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Lasers can be used to engrave and cut most materials, including wood, glass, leather, acrylic, and even paper.

The performance and lifespan of a high-powered laser machine depend on things like how often it is used, how often it is cleaned, and how well it is taken care of. But users often forget that effective cooling is a key part of making sure their machine works for a long time.

There are many industrial water chillers on the market, but the best way to extend the life of your laser tube is to choose a reliable laser water chiller.

So, in this blog post, let's look at what makes industrial laser water chillers so important.

industrial laser water chillers

How Come Lasers Generate Heat?

The generation of light energy is always coupled with the generation of some amount of heat. Given that laser light is an intensified type of light energy, the amount of heat generated during its production must be substantially higher.

Industrial laser equipment produces large levels of heat, which can harm both the material being operated on and the laser components themselves. As a result, laser machine owners must use a cooling device to keep their devices within optimal temperature limits.

Seven Principal Attributes of Industrial Laser Water Chillers

Getting a good laser water chiller can make your laser engraving machine last longer and give you more accurate results. Here are some important things that will help your laser engraver last longer:

1. Water flow

For a medium-power laser, a steady stream of water from the ambient environment cooling the laser head or a cold plate is sufficient. In contrast, the most effective piece of laser cooling hardware for powerful lasers is a recirculating industrial water chiller.

2. Built-in alarms

Your laser engraver can avoid any harm with low/high-temperature alerts. Additionally, the defect can be indicated by a computer, visual, and auditory alarm. Features like shutdown and low-flow alarms can shield the laser and water chiller from pricey harm.

3. Digital display

Digital temperature displays give you constant updates so you can figure out how hot or cold the machine is. But if you make your laser cooling system, you can always put a thermometer in place. 

4. Observation window

Since industrial water chillers have sealed systems that keep water from evaporating, you can easily check the water level in your laser chiller through an observation window.

5. Are water chillers very quiet?

Check the manufacturer's specs for the rated decibel (dB) level before making a purchase. Considerably more noise from laser cooling equipment may not be something you want to cope with in your workshop.

6. Convenient mobility

Choose a laser chiller with caster wheels for portability if you frequently need to transfer it. Locking casters maintain the chiller's stability while in operation.

7. What about a warranty?

The legitimacy of a laser chiller is heavily dependent on its warranty. Numerous industrial water chillers come with a one-year warranty and technical assistance. Choose manufacturers with ISO 9000 registration and products with industry certifications.

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Laser devices typically contain mirrors within a laser tube that aid in maintaining a continuous flow of photons while generating a concentrated laser beam.

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