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Summer tips on air cooled chiller maintenance.

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Keep A Logbook

One of the most effective ways in which you can track Chiller maintenance is by keeping a logbook. Regularly checking the temperature, pressure, flow rate & fluid levels of a Chiller and recording them in a logbook can help you identify issues before problems arise.

Clean The Chiller

Heat transfer is at its best when the Chiller’s tubes are kept clean.  This is due to contaminants such as mud, algae, minerals & other impurities increasing the thermal resistance of the chiller and therefore reducing the Chiller’s overall performance. Thus, condenser tubes should be brush cleaned at least annually.


Reduce Input Water Temperature

Reducing the temperature of the water entering the chamber will help increase the efficiency of the Chiller.

Maintain The Flow Rate

In order for maximum performance, the Chiller should have a flow rate of 3-12 feet per second. If the flow rate is too high then this can lead to an increase in the noise level, vibration levels, and potentially tube erosion. However, if the flow rate is too low then this can lead to the issue of a laminar flow. So keep the flow rate on medium. 

Keep Refrigerant Charge At A Consistent Level

The amount of cooling a Chiller provides is dependent on the amount of refrigerant running through the compressor. If the refrigerant in the Chiller system leaks or air/moisture gets into the system then this will decrease the efficiency of the system. A low refrigerant charge will put increased pressure on the compressor reducing the Chiller’s effectiveness.


Analyze The Chiller System

It is important to check the Chiller for any sign of leaks. Leaks can hinder the unit’s operation and release hazardous refrigerants into the atmosphere.

Prevent Inefficiencies

Moisture & air can leak into the chiller due to the evaporator operating in a vacuum. This can reduce the Chiller system’s efficiency. Therefore, it is important to remove non-condensables from the Chiller using either a purge unit or other chiller maintenance equipment.

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