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Features and Types of Water Cooled Chillers

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Walking back into your home or office on a hot Summer day, the first thing you will probably think about is putting on the Air Conditioner and getting a cold drink to cool down your body.

Having a refrigerator can be useful, nevertheless, it cannot serve the purpose of a water cooled chiller for cooling up your fruits, vegetables and drinks.

In fact, some water cooled Chillers typically provide clean cold water for domestic and industrial use. This is achieved by the ability of the  water cooled Chiller to dissipate heat.

Having a water cooled Chiller, especially in summer months can be a wise decision to make. However, you should try as much as possible to get one from a trusted and reputable Water cooled Chiller supplier.

In this article, we will walk you through the essential features and the types of water cooled chillers available in the market.

 Water cooled Chiller supplier

Features of a Water Cooled Chiller

Water cooled chillers have commonly been used in industries that have a sufficient supply of water. They are basically applied in various cooling processes due to their ability to dissipate heat.

Water cooled chillers are available in different sizes ranging from small 20-tons capacity models to thousand-tons models which are used in large organizations, airports and shopping malls.

Typically, a water cooled Chiller contains a refrigerant which is condensed by a circulating condenser water that had been cooled in a cooling tower. Depending on the entering temperature of the water and the flow rate, the condensing temperature of the refrigerant can be altered such that the water cooled Chiller operates at a particular Temperature. This makes a water cooled chiller highly efficient.


Types of Water Cooled Chillers

Water cooled Chillers are a form of Vapour compression chillers. There are generally  four types of water cooled Chillers available, which are:


1. Centrifugal Chillers

This is the most efficient design of water cooled Chiller. It has a compact design and offers a high cooling capacity. A centrifugal chiller works by compressing the refrigerant and sending it around the chiller by using rotating impellers.


2. Reciprocating Chillers

This type of water cooled Chiller has a piston and a chamber which both function to compress the refrigerant in order to make it dissipate heat generated in a particular system.


3. Scroll Compressor Chillers

These are water cooled chillers that use a combination of a stationary and a rotating spiral plate to compress the refrigerant.


4. Screw Driven Chillers

These water cooled chillers are the best choice when it comes to small or medium scale cooling applications.  They are available in 70 to 600tons. This type of chiller may be designed not only as a water cooled but also as an air cooled Chiller.


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