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Features, Advantages and Maintenance of Air Cooled Chillers

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You probably had once felt uncomfortable due to the hot atmospheric conditions in summer months. You wished the air around could be a little cooler and more comfortable.

What if you could get a device that can make things cooler and more comfortable for you? This comfort comes with an Air Cooled Chiller!

Air cooled chillers use the environment air to cool a condenser which then recirculates a cooler air to the immediate surrounding. For this reason, air cooled Chillers are used in  several heat dissipation applications.

Purchasing an Air Cooled Chiller can be a wise decision to make, especially for commercial and industrial use. However, while doing so, you should ensure you get it from a trusted and reputable Air Cooled Chiller Supplier.

Here, we will enlighten you about the essential features of Air cooled Chillers, their advantages and how you can maintain Air cooled Chillers after purchasing them.

 Air Cooled Chiller Supplier

Features of Air Cooled Chillers

The most important component features of an Air cooled Chiller are propeller fans. These rotate uniformly at a particular time to draw ambient air over a finned coil.

The flow of air over the coil then causes the refrigerant present in the system to condense, giving out its heat of vaporization. When this happens, the heat given out is transferred to the atmosphere causing the whole system in the Air cooled Chiller to cool gradually.


Advantages of Air Cooled Chillers

Having an Air cooled Chiller in your industry is beneficial. Some of the major advantages offered by Air Cooled Chillers are:

· Low cost of installation

· Easy Maintenance

· Occupies less space

· Long lifespan

· Easy operation

It is thus obvious that the nature of Air Cooled Chillers allow them to offer exceptional advantages in  small, medium and large scale installations.


Maintenance of Air Cooled Chillers

Having an Air Cooled Chiller is not as important as the ability to maintain it in a functional condition. Air cooled chillers will operate more efficiently if much attention is given to their maintenance. Proper maintenance will absolutely save the cost of regular replacement or repair of damaged parts of Air Cooled Chillers. Some simple maintenance steps you could take are:


Inspect and clean condenser coils

Transfer of heat has a large effect on Air cooled Chillers and remains basic to producing efficient chiller operation. Proper inspection of  condenser coils for clogging and free air passage Should be done on a regular basis.


Maintain refrigerant charge

The level of refrigerant in the system determines the Air cooled Chiller's cooling quotient. It is therefore necessary to maintain the refrigerant charge in order to reduce the cooling cost up to 5-10%.


Maintain condenser water

Debris such as sands, micro plastics and contaminants which can affect the loop of the condenser in the Air cooled Chiller should be removed.


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