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Causes of Industrial Oil Cooled Chiller Problems and How to Avoid Them

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Oil cooling applications are provided with precise temperatures by oil-cooled chillers. The proper operating strategy and maintenance practices should be a key priority because commercial buildings' lighting systems are among their biggest energy consumers.

By disregarding the correct procedure, you run the risk of reducing system performance, increasing energy expenses, and shortening the life of your equipment.

The efficiency of the equipment degrades due to several variables, such as incorrect operating procedures, neglected maintenance, oversizing, and undersizing.

Conscious and deliberate steps taken to avoid those problems should be complemented with sourcing for high-quality and durable oil-cooled chiller machines.

This can be done by partnering with a reliable and trusted oil cooled chiller manufacturer.

The following mistakes could jeopardize the effectiveness of the oil cooled chiller:

Improper Operating Practices

Always adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid reducing the lifespan and efficacy of the chiller.

The chiller will be more vulnerable to several issues if the equipment is forced to carry out tasks for which it was not designed and when the effects of a particular activity are disregarded.

There is a perception that more cooling water will be available for usage the greater the flow rate. This is false, as exceeding the manufacturer's recommended flow rate will only lower the chiller's efficiency. Additionally, it can speed up the rusting in the containers, leading to early tube failure.

SOLUTION:Training staff on both operating and maintenance procedures is one technique to guarantee a chiller's consistent performance. They would be able to spot any issues before they spread widely thanks to this. Additionally, implementing a regimen for chiller maintenance will ensure equipment longevity.

Disregarded Maintenance

The performance of your chiller will be impacted if basic maintenance methods are neglected. The equipment may need to spend more energy to cool down as a result of poor maintenance.

SOLUTION:The first step in performing effective chiller maintenance is to maintain a useful diagnostic tool, such as an operating log. You'll be able to monitor chiller data in this way so that operators can see trends in the equipment's performance. This would help maintenance staff members as well by making it simple for them to identify the root of any issues.

Inspections that are regularly planned shouldn't be disregarded. Checkups regularly—daily, weekly, monthly, and annually—will help to assess the chiller's optimal wellness.


A chiller may not be scaled properly when a facility is being built or renovated. Insufficient airflow from undersized may prevent the chiller from operating at maximum cooling efficiency. Due to frequent cycling, oversizing may hinder low-load operations, increasing expenses for operation.

SOLUTION:Analyze the cooling loads that the current chiller truly provides as well as its performance.

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