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    The Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics for short) was founded in 1958, and was established by moving the three research laboratories of Catalytic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Lubricating Materials of the former Institute of Petroleum Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences to Lanzhou. At present, it mainly conducts basic research, applied research and strategic high-tech research in the fields of resources and energy, new materials, ecology and health.


    Positioned as the "Western Resource and Energy Chemistry and New Materials High-tech Innovation Research Base", and strive to build a "first-class results, first-class management, first-class environment, first-class talents", as of 2017, the institute has 2 national key laboratories, 1 There are 2 national engineering centers, 1 key laboratory jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Gansu Province, 1 key laboratory of Gansu Province, and 2 research units at the institute level. In addition, the "Lanzhou Institute of Physics Silver Pilot Base" was built in Baiyin City, Gansu.

    Only a first-class scientific research team and first-class cutting-edge experimental equipment can develop world-leading technologies and products. Whether in scientific research institutes or manufacturing enterprises, investment in scientific research equipment is an important means of scientific research and production.

    Lanzhou Institute of Physics and Chemistry, as a leading high-tech innovation research institute at home and abroad, has cooperated with Kaydeli Enterprise as far back as 2013. At that time, a certain laboratory equipment needed to be equipped with a special chiller, which was used in scientific research to provide constant temperature for the equipment. , Constant current, constant pressure circulating cooling water.


    Kaydeli air-cooled chillers have obvious advantages in environmental adaptability, equipment matching, and cooling efficiency:

    Environmental adaptability: According to the area where the user’s equipment is located, materials and production schemes are selected to obtain the best cooling scheme at the customer’s location. The local environmental humidity, temperature, light, wind speed and other factors will also affect the service life of the equipment, for example, In humid environments, we will provide customers with stainless steel housings to prevent rust and affect life.

    Equipment matching degree: According to "Code for Design of Noise Control in Industrial Enterprises" GBJ87 workshop laboratory 70dB, central laboratory 60dB, in order to meet the laboratory noise standard, Kadley can customize the air-cooled module split chiller, which consists of outdoor and indoor units It consists of placing the body with a large noise source outdoors to meet the requirements of low noise in the laboratory.

    Refrigeration efficiency: Select imported compressor brands, high-precision control valves, PLC/PC microcomputer control system to achieve precise temperature control, improve cooling efficiency, and the same energy expenditure, Kadeli refrigeration solutions to achieve the best cooling efficiency.


    In terms of industry reputation, it is also well received by customers. Because of focus, it is professional. The great leader Chairman Mao once said: Practice is the only touchstone for testing truth. After the laboratory's work test, the Kedley chiller has achieved obvious results. It provides accurate temperature parameters stably and efficiently in the experiment, and contributes a "cold" force to the national scientific research.

    Kaydeli chillers have cooperated with many leading scientific research institutes at home and abroad, such as "China Sky Eye" FAST laboratory, Hefei University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other well-known domestic institutions, which are used in refrigeration and cryogenic engineering, experimental equipment temperature In the national scientific research undertakings, Kadley chiller is willing to maintain close cooperation with social enterprises and scientific research institutes, and repay the society with excellent chiller products and refrigeration solutions, and work together to realize great dreams and build great projects. , Promote the "Chinese Dream" of the great cause and contribute our own strength. 


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