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Kaydeli will Participate in The 15TH Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry EXPO 

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Kaydeli will Participate in The 15TH Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry EXPO 

Great news! The 15TH China Guangzhou International Environmental Protection Industry EXPO will be held from May 25th to May 27th,2021. We will be there at china imprt and exprt fair complex A zone, BOOTH: A375-376. Hope to meet you there.

Whether for individuals or enterprises, participating in the exhibition is the most direct marketing method. We can find our potential customers, improve product visibility and market competitiveness.

The exhibition can also enhance the company's image, improve the popularity of the product effectively. There is no doubt that many environmental protection companies will participate in this exhibition. Our company will not miss this great opportunity.

Kaydeli insists on modern technology, management and talents as the core, and develops new products that meet market demand vigorously, with high-tech content and high added value.

air cooled chillers

Our company, Kaydeli, designs, researches, and develops, operates "Kaydeli" brand chiller, heat recovery unit, environmental chiller, laser chiller, cold oil machine, mold temperature chiller, low-temperature freezer; we are professional in the engineering and manufacturing cooling and temperature control equipment. We are among the top 10 in the cooling equipment field in China, introduce a lot of advanced technology from America, Japan, Germany, and also develop our own technologies, achieve several patents over the past decades.

The air cooled chiller machine is one of our most popular products, and we will mainly promote Air Cooled Chiller machine in this exhibition.

air cooled chillers

Air cooled chillers are refrigeration systems used in both commercial and industrial facilities to cool fluids and/or dehumidify the air. They are used in a wide variety of settings, including hotels, corporate events, restaurants, sporting events, large-scale construction, industrial and manufacturing plants, and so forth. 

Our company produces various kinds of air cooled chillers, if you're interested in any of them please just contact us or meet us at the exhibition.

Contact us:  bxchillersales01@szkaydeli.com

                   +8618926471421 (WhatsApp&WeChat available)

                     Kaydeli Industrial Park, Dalang South Road, Longhua Street,

                     Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China


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