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Kaydeli Chiller and a Project of a Hydrogen Production Industry

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The cost of hydrogen production remains high, especially the electrolytic hydrogen production process, so there are many alternative electrolytic hydrogen production processes in the industry, such as methanol reforming hydrogen production. The editor of Kaydeli Chiller below will discuss this with industry partners.

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The mixed gas of hydrogen and CO2 is produced by methanol steam reforming and pressure swing adsorption technology,  and pure hydrogen and carbon dioxide are obtained through complex processes.

In the methanol steam reforming process, it is roughly divided into raw material vaporization, catalytic conversion, reformed gas cooling and condensation, and washing and purification processes. To complete those, chillers and process cooling are required.

Methanol hydrogen production, isothermal reaction system tubular reactor, filled with heat carrier for heat exchange, to maintain a constant temperature reaction. The equipment involved is a heat exchanger, condenser, and supporting instruments and valves.

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Kaydeli’s special methanol hydrogen production chiller can produce cooling water with medium-high temperatures and large temperature differences. After setting the temperature, it will use the chilled water pump to directly pass the temperature required by the methanol process through the heat exchange equipment to reduce the cooling to the specified process temperature.

Kaydeli’s dedicated methanol hydrogen production chiller has high refrigeration efficiency and excellent heat transfer performance.  It can customize the refrigeration unit according to the environment and process of methanol hydrogen production. It can be used in methanol hydrogen production reactions, PEM  electrolytic hydrogen production, photovoltaic hydrogen production, and storage energy container system,  Kaydeli develops and produces air-cooled screw chillers, low-temperature chillers,  integrated skid-mounted chillers, and other mature products for the hydrogen energy industry.

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