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Five Things To Consider When Selecting An Air Cooled Chiller

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 Air cooled chillers are important and pivotal in manufacturing as they are indispensable in reducing the danger of production break or product quality adulteration which may be a direct result of excessive heat.


Notably, air-cooled chiller components protect and preserve the process stability by extracting excess heat from the equipment and ensuring optimum conditions for processes that are highly sensitive to high temperature such as in food and beverages industries, printing industries, etc.


However, it is sometimes tedious sourcing for original products that are highly durable. Hence, there is a need for you to partner with a reliable and trusted air cooled chiller manufacturer for your supply.


Acquiring a high-quality product is very good but you might want to consider the following important factor before making the right choice you need.


1. Process Cooling Fluid

When selecting a cooling fluid for your operation, one determining factor you should consider is the performance level of the fluid and its suitability for the equipment.


The efficiency of a particular fluid is dependent on its properties at a given temperature such as the freezing point, its specific heat capacity, viscosity, and boiling point.


To validate the suitability of the fluids, it is good one evaluate the material made of the equipment and the properties of the fluid to avoid corrosion.


 2. Cooling Fluid Temperature

Good knowledge of the chiller's performance condition is important. The cooling level of the fluid is directly influenced by the fixed temperature.  


A reduction in the temperature will place an increased burden on the chiller while increasing the temperature will have a reverse effect.


3. Pressure and Flow Requirements

The size of a pump and its performance are used to decide the system's pressure loss and the rate of flow of the fluid.


The pressure loss from the system can be obtained by attaching pressure gauges at the point of entry and the point of exit and pump pressure is applied to derive the values at the chosen.


 A reduced flow rate is recorded with an undersized pump. However, if the chiller has an internal pressure aid, the flow will be redirected around the process and back into the chiller.   


In the absence of internal pressure support, the burden will be on the pump to drive the fluid around. If this continues, the pump will be overheated, thus reducing its durability.


When the flow is slow or inadequate, the removal of heat will not be efficient and this will affect the safe condition of the process.


Whenever the fluid temperature rises above the fixed temperature, the other component temperature will equally rise until a constant temperature is reached which is higher than the required temperature.

 Air cooled chillers

4.  Operating Environment.

Knowing the conditions of the environment where the air cooled chiller is to be used is crucial to choosing the ideal product suitable for the process.


The two factors to consider here are the ambient temperature and spatial restraints.  

Without a  good flow of air, the process will have a reduced volume of air circulating through the system and this implies that the heat will build up.


When this happens, the chiller unit is predisposed to damage and this will reduce its longevity in service delivery.


5.  Chiller Size.

Choosing the right size of a chiller system is very important. Acquisition of an under-sized chiller without proper assessment of the workload can be a  problem.


It may not be able to cool the equipment and as a result, the temperature of the cooling water of the process equipment will fluctuate.

On the other hand, an oversized chiller will not operate at its peak and its cost of operation will be high.


Hence, to know the right size of air-cooled chiller unit needed for your application, the quantity of heat released by the operating equipment to the cooling system, and the rate of airflow must be determined.  


Do you need a high-quality air-cooled chiller?


There are so many air-cooled chillers in the market, there are some that are of high grade with different sizes and cooling capacity.


However, you can get value for your money by carefully selecting and sourcing it from a trusted and reliable air cooled chiller manufacturer with many years of experience.     


Kindly check our list of products and you will be glad that you invested in the best air-cooled chiller from a renowned supplier. 


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