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Applications and Advantages of Oil Cooled Chiller

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An oil chiller, sometimes known as an oil cooler, serves as a cooling machine for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and oil cooling for your machining company. An oil chiller is a cooling tool used in processing various types of oil machines.

In the machine tool industry, high-quality spindle bearings determine the performance and durability of any machining company. Therefore, when the machine tool gets overheated due to the high speed of the rotational machine tool spindles.

However, with advancements in CNC technology, the standards have been raised to invent top-quality machine tools that are more accurate, efficient, and reliable for use. Also, when the bearing speed rate increases, two things happen:  First, it impacts the accuracy of the machine tool. Secondly, it depletes the effectiveness of hydraulic oil used for lubrication. Therefore, you need to use a high-quality oil-cooled chiller for cooling your machine tools during operation.

A good oil-cooled chiller will serve the machine tool as a lubricant for spindle bearings and gears. Also, you can use a good-quality oil chiller to control the intensity of the heat pressure associated with different machine tools.

Advantages of oil chillers

With your purchase of a well-cooled chiller, you can prevent errors induced by changes in oil temperature when operating the equipment.

1. The oil chiller has a temperature control that is specially designed to control the temperature of the cooling device. Therefore, one of the advantages of using an oil chiller is that you can set the cooling device to the temperature you want to prevent any damage due to overheating.

2. Another advantage of an oil chiller is that it prevents the equipment from overheating by cooling the high temperature of the machine, preventing the breakdown of quality oil, and maintaining the viscosity of the fluid when operating.

3. Another advantage of owning an oil chiller is that it has an automatic fault alarm feature that signals damage to the device's user. Therefore, you should take note of the signal to prevent the device from sudden damage.

4. Lastly, one of the advantages of using an oil chiller is that it is easy to install and does not occupy too much space. In addition, it is simple and easy to clean, use, and maintain.

Application of oil chillers

1. You can use oil chillers to cool the cutting field.

Industries use CNC processing machines for cutting fields. The oil chiller is responsible for controlling the temperature of the equipment. Therefore, an oil chiller is indispensable for cooling the cutting field during industrial processing.

2. Inner and outer grinding machines

In an industrial setting, the grinding process produces a lot of heat, which negatively affects the quality of the final product. Therefore, it is appropriate to use an oil chiller to regulate the heat to boost productivity and avoid damage to the equipment.

3. Electric discharge machine

Using an oil cooler for an electric discharge machine will cool the discharge oil and prevent the machine parts from deteriorating during industrial processing. In addition, the oil cooler will increase the service life of the turning tool of the machine and ensure that the production time is short and accurate.

4. Hydraulic oil

Using an oil chiller for your hydraulic oil station will prevent the oil quality from deteriorating due to heat. In addition, using an oil chiller will ensure that the equipment is stable, accurate, and durable.

5. Type of industrial machines

You can use oil chillers for different types of industrial machines, such as broaching machines, milling machines, integrated machining centers, woodworking engraving machines, cutting machinery, etc. Your industry can use an oil chiller to boost the capacity and capability of these machines to enhance production.

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