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    Ozone has many uses in industrial production, such as disinfection, sterilization, purification, preservation... The equipment used to generate ozone is an ozone generator. Because ozone production is easily decomposed, the ozone generator is cooled and cooled.      System design is an important link related to ozone production.

    In ozone production, especially the use of high-voltage discharge to generate ozone, the process will generate high temperatures. When the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, it will cause the ozone concentration and output to decrease. Therefore, it is necessary to use a professional ozone generator cooling machine to cool the process and increase the ozone output.


    Here is a case of a company in Gongyi, Henan, using a chiller to cool the ozone generator. Zhongfu Carbon is engaged in the production and sales of self-produced carbon series products. In the first phase of the factory, an ozone generator is added for industrial ozone production. In terms of cooling and cooling, the design scheme of the Kadley ozone generator cooling system is used to prevent the equipment from high temperature. , Affect ozone production.

    In the first phase of the project, KC-030TA air-cooled chiller is used, which can generate 10 to 25 degrees of circulating chilled water according to the setting, and cool the heating components such as the internal and external electrodes of the generator and the oil-immersed transformer.

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    The working principle is that a refrigeration cycle consisting of a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator through the chiller produces constant temperature water that meets the requirements for preparing ozone; and then through the second water cycle, the chilled water is transported to the ozone through a circulating water pump At the water inlet end of the generator, the high-temperature water after passing through the ozone heat exchanger flows back into the refrigeration system from the return water end.

    In the ozone preparation PLC system and automatic control of the ozone dosage, it can realize the constant temperature and appropriate amount of chilled water supply, automatically adjust the ozone output, and stabilize the ozone production.

    Kaydeli water-cooled screw chiller has good stability, good cooling effect, no attenuation of ozone concentration, and can work continuously; using imported brand PLC controller, it can automatically adjust the temperature of chilled water, which is convenient for timely supply of chilled water to ozone Cooling on the generator equipment; shell or plate heat exchangers, stainless steel anticorrosive water pumps or chemical pumps can be selected according to the customer's working conditions to meet various industrial ozone preparation conditions.

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   After the implementation of the ozone generator cooling project, the ozone preparation and equipment operation have achieved gratifying results. After the first phase of the process, customers have favored Kadeli’s products. In the second phase of the construction, it has adopted Kaydeli The air-cooled screw KDCS-060SLA type chiller cools the equipment. It is currently in the stage of installation and commissioning and can be put into use immediately.

    Project video: https://v.qq.com/x/page/b0972xs346u.html?ptag=qqbrowser

    In ozone production, water temperature is an important parameter for ozone production. Ozone equipment such as ozone generators must select chillers in strict accordance with the environment and working conditions, and comprehensively consider the quality, brand and after-sales of the chiller to control the cost within the optimal range. You cannot choose blindly because of the price, and the gains outweigh the losses in the end.

    Kaydeli chillers can be widely used in many fields such as large, medium and small ozone preparation, industrial waste gas treatment, chemical industry, new energy, plastics, electroplating, etc. There are many successful cases, with rich experience in chiller production and design, and a good reputation in the industry. Won the "China's Preferred Brand in the Refrigeration Industry" in 2019 and the "China's Preferred Brand" in the CCTV Discovery column in 2020. Kaydeli is willing to use the best refrigeration products to return to the majority of enterprises, and protect each chiller with 5-star after-sales Stable operation.


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